applynow-buttonTimothy Program Track One
Ministry Preparation Quarter 11


Preparation & Delivery of Sermons

Course of Study


Week 131 • Ecclesiastes 12:9-14
Week 132 • Hermeneutics/Homiletics
Week 133 • Prophecies
Week 134 • Digging Deeper
Week 135 • Whole Counsel
Week 136 • Preach Christ
Week 137 • Citizenship
Week 138 • Look for 3s
Week 139 • Grammar
Week 140 • History
Week 141 • Geography
Week 142 • Culture
Week 143 • The Basics

This Quarter of study prepares the student to study for and to deliver sermons. This is a practical course and an academic course. It emphasizes the proper preparation for and the proper delivery of sermons. Overall, it prepares preachers and teachers of God’s Word to become proficient in the “art” of preaching. Paul told Timothy in I Timothy 3:2 that he should be “… able to teach.” The hallmark of a TPI graduate is that he/she should be experts in “rightly dividing” God’s Word (II Timothy 2:15).