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Philosophy of Education

applynow-buttonThe Timothy Program Track One, believes God values family. God created the family in Adam and Eve. God rescued the family in the story of Noah and the Flood. The last prophecy of Malachi (4:6) indicates that the family will be restored before the coming of Messiah. He said the LORD, “Will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers.” Acts 3:20-21 says of God, “… and that he may send the Christ (Messiah), who has been appointed for you–even Jesus.  He must remain in heaven until the time comes for God to restore everything, as he promised long ago through his holy prophets.” It is time for the family to be restored. The Timothy Program believes that the head of each household should be trained to become the priest in his/her own home. This task defines the function of a pastor as the trainer of heads of households.

The Timothy Program further believes that the home should be the center of a family’s spiritual growth. In light of these two premises, the Timothy Program Track One materials are produced to lead, inspire and help the head of each home to become what Christ intended–pastor of their own family.

When the head of a household is qualified to pastor his/her own family, Paul told Timothy (I Timothy 3:2-7) they are then qualified to prepare to pastor God’s church: “Now the overseer must be above reproach, the husband of but one wife, temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not given to much wine, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money. He must manage his own family well and see that his own children obey him with proper respect. (If anyone does not know how to manage his own family, how can he take care of God’s church?) He must not be a recent convert, or he may become conceited and fall under the same judgment as the devil. He must have a good reputation with outsiders, so that he will not fall into disgrace and into the devil’s trap.”

Educational Goals

The Timothy Program International, Track One curriculum, is dedicated to the proposition
that: “People minister to people through the power of God directed by His Word.” TPI Track One curriculum is designed to make one a student of God’s Word, not merely to certify that one has formally studied. TPI Track One curriculum requires much reading. This determines whether or not the student is self-motivated, and, whether or not he/she will “study to show him(her)self approved unto God.” The TPI curriculum is self-paced in order to place the entire “desire to learn” process upon the student. The TPI Track One curriculum is based upon Biblical roots. TPI believes that all Bible students should learn from the Bible’s Hebrew, historical, cultural and geographical roots.

The TPI Track One curriculum is based upon the following progression:

1) one person; 2) that one person is “born again”; 3) that one person is established as the spiritual head of their household; 4) that one person is called by God into ministry; 5) that one person properly studies God’s Word through the four areas of grammar, history, culture and geography; 6) that one person’s theology is formed; 7) that one person answers God’s call Who identifies his ministry; and, 8) that one person establishes his/her ministry which results in people’s needs being met.

It is the position of the Timothy Program International that to best equip any person to “minister” to others, the Bible must be accessible to them from its original languages and settings. Therefore, the TPI Track One curriculum will train no student in theology until that student has become efficient in the grammar, history, culture and geography of God’s Word. No student shall be taught about his/her ministry (specific calling) until he can defend Biblical theology. No student shall be ordained into ministry until his/her ministry is proven to carry out Biblical imperatives which meet people’s needs. The TPI Track One curriculum is deliberately difficult in order to eliminate those unwilling to properly prepare themselves for effective ministry. All exams/papers are proctored by the student’s pastor (or spiritual elder) to maintain integrity.

Timothy Program Track One Ministry Preparation


The Timothy Program Track One provides a fully integrated, contextualized and accredited Bible college curriculum that properly shows the impact of Bible grammar, geography, history and culture on theology. Studying the Bible requires putting its  teachings into their proper contexts. The TPI T1 curriculum returns joy to studying the Bible. TPI T1 DVD videos bring all of the notes and textbooks alive to the TPI students. All of this makes the TPI curriculum a Bible curriculum for LIFE! TPI believes that the personal spiritual growth of its students is essential. Each student must complete personal diaries for each Quarter. No grade is given without the submitting of these diaries to the TPI Registrar. The diaries are: Prayer; Meditation; Evangelism; Missions; Fellowship, and, Ministry. The TPI Track 1 curriculum uses major Bible themes which show the student “how to study and think” for themselves under the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit. Bible memorization is also required.