Timothy Program Track One
Ministry Preparation Quarter 12


Pastoral Theology / Course Of Study

Course of Study


Week 144• Conducting Meetings
Week 145• Keeping Appointments
Week 146• Supporting Missions
Week 147• Keeping Records
Week 148• Visitation
Week 149• Weddings
Week 150 • Funerals
Week 151• Baptisms
Week 152• Communion
Week 153• Counseling
Week 154 • Protocols
Week 155• Evangelism
Week 156 • Ecumenism

This final Quarter of study prepares the student to do the major functions of a minister of the Gospel. It requires the practical doing of class work. Much attention is given to measuring the effectiveness of the student in carrying out these thirteen functions. The student is encouraged to carry out these functions within the traditions of their own Church. No Church tradition is identified as being insufficient or incorrect. This is a practical course rather than an academic course.