Timothy Program Track One
Ministry Preparation Quarter 9


Northern Israel Tour

Course of Study


Week 01•Gennesaret & Magdala
Week 02•Golan Heights & Tabgha
Week 03•Capernaum & Chorazin
Week 04•Bethsaida & Beth Shean
Week 05•Mount Gilboa & Mount Tabor
Week 06•Mount Megiddo & Mount Carmel
Week 07•Nazareth & Zippori
Week 08•Nimrod’s Castle & Tel Dan
Week 09•Caesarea Philippi & Jordan River 1
Week 10•Jordan River 2 & Hatzor
Week 11•Tzphat & Ashkelon
Week 12•Joppa/Tel Aviv & Caesarea Maritime
Week 13•Haifa & Acco

This Quarter of study provides twenty-six, one-half hour DVDs of Dr. Coke teaching on site. It also provides comprehensive notes on each of these Southern Israel sites. This Quarter provides credit hours in Bible Geography, Bible History and Archaeology. This Quarter fulfills the TPI requirement to tour Israel before a TPI bachelor’s degree can be granted. There are two exams for this Quarter. Exam one covers the geographical location of each site while exam two covers its Biblical importance.