applynow-buttonTimothy Program Track One
Ministry Preparation Quarter 3



Course of Study 

Week 01 • God’s Purpose in Tithing 

Week 02 •  Tithe Defined 

track1brochureWeek 03 • How Tithe Should be Handled 

Week 04 • Work 

Week 05 • Set Aside Firstfruits 

Week 06 • Go 

Week 07 • Declare to Man of God 

Week 08 • Surrender God’s Tithe 

Week 09 • Declare Before the LORD Your God 

Week 10 • Humble Yourself Before God 

Week 11 • Rejoice Over the Good God Gives 

Week 12 • Give God’s Tithe to the Man of God 

Week 13 • Declare To the LORD Your God 

This Quarter of study covers the important Bible theme of God’s purpose in Tithing. Each week’s lesson reveals the purpose of and the ten steps to Tithing. Furthermore, this Quarter contains all of the necessary auxiliary information that bears on each subject from: Bible Grammar, History, Culture and Geography. It introduces the Hebrew language. It also requires Scripture memorization. As an extremely practical Quarter, the student is required to establish and maintain a Godly budget for his/her family. There is also a final examination.