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Ministry Preparation Quarter 4


The 12 Tribes (Adopted into the Family of God)

Course of Study 

Week 01 • Jacob 

Week 02 • Reuben 

track1brochureWeek 03 • Simeon 

Week 04 • Levi 

Week 05 • Judah 

Week 06 • Dan 

Week 07 • Naphtali 

Week 08 • Gad 

Week 09 • Asher

Week 10 • Issachar 

Week 11 • Zebulun

Week 12 • Joseph 

Week 13 • Messiah’s Jerusalem TempleBenjamin 

This Quarter of study covers the important Bible theme of God’s Family. Each week’s lesson reveals the name, mascot, flag, stone, order of birth and mother of each son of Jacob. This Quarter contains all of the necessary auxiliary information that bears on each subject from: Bible Grammar, History, Culture and Geography. It also introduces the Hebrew language. It requires Scripture memorization. This Quarter helps students understand their role in God’s family. There is a final examination.