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Ministry Preparation Quarter 8


Deacons, Elders, Pastors, Praise & Worship and Tabernacle

Course of Study

track1brochureWeek 01 • Deacons
Week 02 •  Elders
Week 03 • Pastors
Week 04 • Instruments
Week 05 • Dance
Week 06 • Song & Corporate Praise & Worship
Week 07 • Tabernacle of Moses
Week 08 • Tabernacle of David
Week 09 • Solomon’s Jerusalem Temple
Week 10 • Zerubbabel’s Jerusalem Temple
Week 11 • Herod’s Jerusalem Temple
Week 12 • Synagogues & Jew/Gentile Church
Week 13 • Messiah’s Jerusalem Temple

This Quarter of study covers the important Bible themes of Deacons, Elders, Pastors, Praise & Worship and the Tabernacles/Temples. This Quarter reveals qualified leaders, singing, dancing and instruments of praise. It ends by revealing Christ fulfilled in all the details. This Quarter contains all of the necessary auxiliary information that bears on each subject from: Bible Grammar, History, Culture and Geography. It introduces the Greek language. It requires Scripture memorization and exams.